Uni Update: FMP, Final Collection & Degree Show! Phewww!

Hi all,

I know it has been a while but i have had a rather hectic few weeks/months! Between Finishing my FMP , photoshoots and getting ready for my degree show I have hardly had time to sleep let alone write a blog! So I apologise for that but I am here now!

I believe the last Uni Update I gave you, I was trying to decide what my next rug should be etc.. well I did that… and then another one I think? Then I have had two Photoshoots with them so I have some lovely pictures to share with you, I will add a selection but if you want to see more have a look on my website : http://kayleighmarieuk.wix.com/homeandtextiles

There they all are!! What do you think? I had a really great time making them, it has made me kinda sad that I probably won’t get a chance to make any more for a few years. I have to try and save up money to buy my own equipment.

As well as the Rug Collection I had a large collection of designs that could be used for fabrics or wallpapers etc..

Setting everything up was fun, I had plenty of help from my friends and a first year helper!

Adriana helping me set up!

Adriana helping me set up!

Planning out the space!

Planning out the space!

Rugs Ready to go!

Rugs Ready to go!


It was a busy time for me, trying to set up and finish last minute things for my hand-in but it was worth it I suppose,

I should be getting my grade for this project later on today! Exciting stuff. During the show we actually have much less on display  so for the actual show it looked like this:


The show was really exciting! Opening night started quite slowly but when it picked up it was amazing! I got so many compliments as well as people interested in my work so all in all a great time! The show continued for the rest of the week and we had more visitors before we finally took down last friday. It has been a crazy crazy year and a hectic last few months so I am both sad yet glad it is over! Time for a well deserved break I think!!

Uni Update: Rugs, Rugs, Everywhere! What should my next design be?!

As always its just another quick post to show you what I am up to… Super super busy at the moment but here are a few quick photos to show you the rugs I have been working on!!

rug 2

My lovely rabbit rug…. i am really pleased with this rug, the quality of it is really great and the colours are just fab!!


This is another rug I am working on which is just florals… I still need to work out my next design… Perhaps something with my badger friend Walter here?? What do you think… lets put it to a vote (cast your vote in the comments below)

What animal should feature in my next design:

rug 3

Uni Update: Fox rug + new designs

Hello all,
thought I would get up a photo of the fox rug now its been filled in… Its now latexed, backed and sheared… all I need to do it tuck under the edges and it will be done!!

69545_10203334268216484_1167147977_n 72563_10203334267776473_567464835_n

I have been working on some more designs and illustrations for my project and will hopefully be starting a new rug on monday or tuesday!

Uni Update – Rugged Knit

My second collection for the 8 week project is Rugged Knit. I was combining elements of knitting into drawing which I then translated into Rugs! This project I did for one and a half weeks so it was really fast paced and quite exciting at the time!

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I did a lot of drawings from pieces of knit wear and knitted samples, used CAD to emphasize shapes before coming up with final designs to move into rugs.
I created one rug using two-tone… and a second using a carving tool to look like the cable knit on jumpers

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I really quite like these images and could see them working quite well commercially…  as for these samples, the blue one I think I will keep and the cream one is going to my mum and dad, I think it will look quite nice in front of the fire this christmas!!

Here is a sample brochure of a few other designs and in various colours

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Update: Tribal Threads Project.

I said I would post an image of the rug I created the other week and here it is for you!


© Kayleigh Marie Gregory 2013


© Kayleigh Marie Gregory 2013
I have been doing another project called Rugged Knit which I am just coming to the end of…  I will do another post in a day or two but here is a quick image of one of the two rugs I created for that…
© Kayleigh Marie Gregory 2013

Sorry for such a short post it is literally a quick “Hi” and “Bye” … I’ve got to get back to doing some work haha!

Thanks for Reading
Kayleigh x

Uni Update: Tribal Threads

Tribal Threads


Uni has started again… I have officially entered my final year now!! It only seems like yesterday that I was at my interview… time flies when your extremely stressed! This first project I am doing I have 8 weeks to create 3 different design collections for rug/carpets I am now in week 3 and I am just at the end of my first collection I have called “Tribal Threads” it is a trend for S/S 2015… cause I’m just planning ahead!! Based on tribal shapes and colours I found at an exhibition about Native Americans . I thought I would share with you a few designs from the collection and the rug in process! I still have another small rug to do tomorrow before I move on to my next collection next week! So have a nosey and tell me what you think!!


in progress  nearly there

Whats Going On : @University – 8 week Project

So I am in the first week of an 8 week project, on the course we have moved away from generic idea > random sampling and now have been split into groups of  our choice :Artist/Maker/ Designer so I now have the title of “Craft Maker” which entails me trying to come up with an idea or product that I want to make and how to go about making it, so looking at design and aesthetics of the rug, market research, sustainability and like loads other stuff! So on monday I still didn’t have an idea for this rug, so I spent all day doodling and researching rugs, trying to come up with an innovative idea.

This is what I’ve got:
I got really interested by the 1960’s and how everyone suddenly had extra money to spend frivolously and bought “Throw-away” items, as in cheaper, expendable items. So flat pack furniture, those blow up couches, and even cardboard chairs! It was also the era that paper plates and cups were invented!!
As a crafter I obviously want to make items that people would cherish, so instead of making a rug that someone may throw away cause the rug no longer fits their furniture, or they feel like a change, I want to make a rug that can do just that.. change.
A rug that at first glance looks just like a rug, but can be disassembled and reassembled at your wish.
This rug is obviously still relevant today, however even though we don’t change our furniture as often as we change our socks but over years our lives and requirements in furniture do change. If you can imagine this rug being purchased by say and young working couple, they can use it quite simply (as a square or rectangle) in their first flat/ apartment they get to fit in with their cheap ikea ‘starting out’ furniture, then maybe a few years later they move into a  house and need the rug to fit around one of those weird shapes couches.rug(Sorry for the awful drawing, just trying to help you visualise)
They can rearrange the rug to suit that. Then perhaps they want to then use the rug as a runner in the hallway, or make two smaller rugs for separate rooms.
Rug 2(Once again sorry, took me like 2 minutes to throw together) Clearly not to scale drawing , but again im hoping this will help you understand the idea/concept. They can do just that, change the rug a thousand times if they want! On the other end of the scale if somebody only changed this rug twice in their lives at least they have the option on doing just that.
So the rug is multi-purpose, but still looks as pleasing as a rug can.
For this project I’m going to try to find a way of subtly making a way to join these pieces together successfully and be rearranged at wish.

I’m hoping this is a good idea, its something I haven’t seen before and I am looking forward to giving it a go! What do you think? Is this something that is useful or do you think people would prefer just to buy a new rug?? Would love your thoughts and opinions?!