Fashion Revamp! Topshop Denim Dungarees & Liberty Fabric

I recently decided to revamp a pair of old dungarees that I had. Originally bought from a topshop sale, they were a little small, but now a few years on I can fit in them! However I felt they were a little dull and needed a bit of “jazzing” up. So with a bit of Liberty fabric I had, I think I have added a bit of colour to a pair of bog-standard dungaree


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Easy Steps:

1. Select Fabric.
2. Cut the the size of the inside and back pockets
3. Push fabric into pockets and line up.
4. Hand sew them into place.
5. For the back I cut a piece to fold over the top of the pocket.
6. Then hand sew to secure (I used a bright embroidery thread for this)


DSC_0816 DSC_0813 DSC_0815

DIY – Cute chest of drawers!

I really wish I had a before picture for you all, but I forgot to take one!! My mum bought me the chest in our local charity shop for £5!! When she brought them home it was covered in bright blue paint, with orange drawers and blue knobs! Pretty much looked like a jaffa-cake box!!
Very kindly my mum and dad sanded it down and gave it a white undercoat .
I then gave it a top coat again in white, theennn it gets fun…
For the drawers here I have used a small piece of wall paper I had “sampled”, from our local DIY store.
I cut it to the size of each drawer (they get progressively bigger) and then PVA glued it down using a sponge!
Once dry I then used a protective lacquer (varnish would also work) over the top to make it a little more water/scratch proof than the paper by itself! and I absolutely love it!! Then 6 new porcelain knobs later and its done! It was really simple to do, and would recommend it to anyone!!
Thanks for reading! Kayleigh x