How to make a fabric folder/book cover

Covered Planner and Book

Someone recently commented on the Pink Cover I had made for my planner and wanted to know how I did it. I made the Pink cover just over a year ago and used it for my 2014 planner and have reused it again this year for my new one, so this is a quick ‘how to’ showing you how I made it but you could use this for covering books/journals or ring binders like I originally did!

At the time I made my 2014 planner I really wanted a nice 4 ring folder, I prefer 4 rings as I feel it hold the paper in better and doesn’t make them swing about like a 2 ring sometimes does. However it seems all the lovely designs seemed to be on 2 ring folders so I found a plain black one that had 4 rings and decided to customise it by making a cover/sleeve/protector what ever you want to call it! When I originally made it I was kind of winging it, made a few mistakes etc… So this tutorial is for the second cover you see above and has eliminated the silly mistakes I made on the first one.

So lets go:

You will need

Fabric – a non-stretch fabric that isn’t too thin/fine. ( I have used IKEA fabric on both of these as I love the hard-wearing quality)
Scissors ( obviously )
Tape Measure
Sewing Machine
Thread/Cotton (any colour will do matching/contrasting/neon wherever your creative flare takes you!)

An Iron and Ironing board(for pressing seams.. it makes it 10 times easier when sewing!)

And of course a book or folder or whatever you want to make a cover for!

Tools I had bought this lovely new sketchbook, and although I love the yellow by the time I am done painting and doodling in it, it will probably look terribly dirty so I am making a dark cover for it so that it can keep its nice fresh yellowness while I work in it!


Step 1…. Lay out your fabric. You need to draw out the size of the folder and book you are making it for. There are no exact measurements really for this step, as it depends on the size of your book/file and it also depends on the width of the spine.

Step 1 Step One Step One


Step 2… Measure half of the front / back cover then add that to each side of the drawn out template…

Step 2

These extra bits will end up being the bits where the covers slip into and hold the cover onto the book/folder.

Step 3… Now we need to cut out the template leaving a 1cm gap around  3 of the sides of the template and a 2cm – 1 inch gap on the top edge (Click below image to see in detail…the reason for this will be obvious later so make sure you do it)

Step 3

Step 3


Step 4… Pressing…. Now we need to press the edges before we sew.. I can assure you that this makes sewing it up so much easier so try not to skip this step..

On the 3 1cm edges…fold the fabric up and press on the pre-drawn template line.

Get the Iron out!! Fold the seam over to the drawn line! Press down to create a bit of an edge and then iron it Nice and Ironed! Now you have a nice strong pressed edge



On the top edge that has a 2cm or 1 inch seam allowance fold the edge down to the drawn line… not on the line.

2cm seam allowance  fold in half... up to the line.. not on it...

Step 5… Once all 4 sides have been pressed, you need to get out your sewing machine, hook it all up and run a straight stitch around all 4 sides around a quarter – half a cm in from the edge of the fabric…

My lovely sewing machine Run the stitch all the way around


Step 6… Creating the pockets for the sleeves… put the book/folder in the middle of you fabric evenly spaced from the top and bottom of the fabric. The excess on the left and right will become the pockets, fold one side over and press firmly to make a bit of a crease. Then sew along the top and bottom to secure it in place

Fold the side over on top...

Then sew along the top and bottom, seen here in red



The reason we added an extra cm to the seam allowance in step 3 was to make the height of the fabric 1cm bigger than the folder/book for this stage. This gives us half a cm on the top and bottom to sew this step. On my first attempt of making the cover I didn’t leave an extra bit of seam allowance for this step and really struggled to get the cover on as it was super tight.

Fold Fabric over and press Sew along the top and bottom only Sew here Like so! Do both sides and you will have a pocket! It will fit in like so TADAAA


There we have it.. slot in your book/folder and away you go!!

Finished Cover Finished Cover Finished Cover Finished Cover


I hope that was relatively simple to understand and if you have any comments or questions please post below!!


Fashion Revamp! Topshop Denim Dungarees & Liberty Fabric

I recently decided to revamp a pair of old dungarees that I had. Originally bought from a topshop sale, they were a little small, but now a few years on I can fit in them! However I felt they were a little dull and needed a bit of “jazzing” up. So with a bit of Liberty fabric I had, I think I have added a bit of colour to a pair of bog-standard dungaree


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Easy Steps:

1. Select Fabric.
2. Cut the the size of the inside and back pockets
3. Push fabric into pockets and line up.
4. Hand sew them into place.
5. For the back I cut a piece to fold over the top of the pocket.
6. Then hand sew to secure (I used a bright embroidery thread for this)


DSC_0816 DSC_0813 DSC_0815

Uni Update – Alpine Adventure Press Kit

Just a quick post to link you to an online Press Kit I have put together for my last collection Alpine Adventures! I had to do this for a university assignment but thought a few of you might want to have a look!

there you go!! enjoy!!


Update: Tribal Threads Project.

I said I would post an image of the rug I created the other week and here it is for you!


© Kayleigh Marie Gregory 2013


© Kayleigh Marie Gregory 2013
I have been doing another project called Rugged Knit which I am just coming to the end of…  I will do another post in a day or two but here is a quick image of one of the two rugs I created for that…
© Kayleigh Marie Gregory 2013

Sorry for such a short post it is literally a quick “Hi” and “Bye” … I’ve got to get back to doing some work haha!

Thanks for Reading
Kayleigh x

Designs now available on Society6!

I have recently discovered society6 and its wonderful concept.. for those who have never heard of it go and have a look its really a clever idea for designers  starting out or wanting to test the market for their designs!
I recently posted about my recent collection Tribal Threads… all the designs of this collection are now available to be bought on Cushions, Totebags, Phone cases amongst other things!

Here is just a few examples of how one of my designs would look!
Thanks for looking! x

What a lovely mum!

If any of you have read any of my previous posts you may have seen my mention my mum from time to time. My mum is the BEST, words can’t describe.. she is just awesome! To prove my point look what she got meeee…

Mollie Makes
Look at all those Mollie Makes Magazines!!! She bought me a load of back issues!! Yayyyyy On condition of course that she can read them after me!!
I am going back to university on Saturday/Sunday  and I really really don’t want to, for the main reason that I am going to miss my mum so much. I will also miss my Dad, Sister & Brother… but my mum is my rock… we are really close… the best part of my day is when she comes home from work and we have a cup of tea while we watch the “Crappy-Channel-Five-Movie” …sounds sad but its nice! If I was to tell you all of the lovely lovely things my mum has done for me we would be here for ever so here is just a MASSIVE thank you to my mummy! I love you!
998568_10151614223748208_908341805_n Note: My dad is pretty awesome too by the way, he is the typical embarrassing dad and I am 90% sure he is a secret hoarder… but he slipped me £20 today so I will let him off 😉

I am pretty lucky to have two really lovely parents who are very supportive of me doing crafts, potentially as a living and are so kind to fund that for me!! Love you mum! Love you Dad!
Kayleigh xx

Hand Printed Make Up Bags

In a previous post I mentioned how I had started hand printing my own fabric.. Here is a lovely action shot of me doing just that in my mum’s conservatory!!

No high tech fancy tools here.. old fashioned, slow and hand done.. stamp printing with fabric paints!! I went for some brown and gold on the off white cotton and made this…

DSC09643Box Style Make up bag / Pencil Case

DSC09609Clutch Style Make up bag / pencil case (sorry about the creases, has now been ironed 😉  )

Available for sale on my etsy page!

I thought they would make great gifts for somebody!! let me know what you think!!

Kayleigh x