Uni Update: FMP, Final Collection & Degree Show! Phewww!

Hi all,

I know it has been a while but i have had a rather hectic few weeks/months! Between Finishing my FMP , photoshoots and getting ready for my degree show I have hardly had time to sleep let alone write a blog! So I apologise for that but I am here now!

I believe the last Uni Update I gave you, I was trying to decide what my next rug should be etc.. well I did that… and then another one I think? Then I have had two Photoshoots with them so I have some lovely pictures to share with you, I will add a selection but if you want to see more have a look on my website : http://kayleighmarieuk.wix.com/homeandtextiles

There they all are!! What do you think? I had a really great time making them, it has made me kinda sad that I probably won’t get a chance to make any more for a few years. I have to try and save up money to buy my own equipment.

As well as the Rug Collection I had a large collection of designs that could be used for fabrics or wallpapers etc..

Setting everything up was fun, I had plenty of help from my friends and a first year helper!

Adriana helping me set up!

Adriana helping me set up!

Planning out the space!

Planning out the space!

Rugs Ready to go!

Rugs Ready to go!


It was a busy time for me, trying to set up and finish last minute things for my hand-in but it was worth it I suppose,

I should be getting my grade for this project later on today! Exciting stuff. During the show we actually have much less on display  so for the actual show it looked like this:


The show was really exciting! Opening night started quite slowly but when it picked up it was amazing! I got so many compliments as well as people interested in my work so all in all a great time! The show continued for the rest of the week and we had more visitors before we finally took down last friday. It has been a crazy crazy year and a hectic last few months so I am both sad yet glad it is over! Time for a well deserved break I think!!

Love is in the air: With the return of my valentines cards!

They’re baaaack…
Last year I released a range of valentines cards on Etsy… they were a little last minute as I only thought up the designs about a week before valentines… so many people had already bought theirs! But this year they are back and in plenty of time! Im afraid these are only available to people in the UK and Ireland…



2014 Planner – Organise my life – Free Printable Download

This is the planner for 2014 … to see the all new planner for 2015 please follow this link:


Hello all, I have been working on some new planners for you all…
The reason I have done these is because I get quite bored seeing the same planners I currently have up, and its a new year… so I have freshened them up a bit and made them more adaptable for you… … I know that having these printed can sometimes be costly, so I make these planners completely free for you to download!

Free Download
As you can see they have been tweaked from my previous ones, in colour and borders and I have created these ones just for 2014, rather than the ones that you filled in the year yourselves! It is entirely up to you which ones you want to use… but these are definitely my favourite!

There are two sizes available… Uk – A4 (210mm x 297mm) or US Letter (8.5″ x 11″)
Pick which is most suitable for your paper type… (if you are printing larger or smaller that these sizes the image quality may distort so on your head be it! ). The Planners are in two files just to reduce the file size for uploading/downloading.

UK Planners:


US Planners:


Well there are the downloads, you can print which ever pages you need or want but if you are wanting to print them all like I am going to do, then here is how I would recommend doing it …


  • Firstly I would have the cover page for reasons rather self explanatory!!
  • Then I would recommend having one or two blank pages and filling in any useful details such as phone numbers and account numbers for the gas, electric or water company.. or emergancy numbers etc… (I would never recommend putting any details that could get into the wrong hands… i.e. bank details)
  • Then put one overview of the year sheets…. here you can fill in close family birthdays, things you might need to save for like, holidays, car mot’s/taxing then you will be able to visualise better when you might want to start saving for particular things!


  • Then for each month of the year I would recommend following this layout above.. On the Month Preview you can make note of all the other details that aren’t on the year view such as appointments, extended family birthdays/anniversaries… You could also buy cheaply little coloured stickers or washi tape to colour coordinate other more regular tasks, for example, a blue sticker on a day when you want to exercise; a yellow sticker for days you are going to clean the house and a green sticker for Pay Day! Use it however you need to as long as you can understand it then that’s great!
  • Next I recommend having a blank page just for making notes and working out your finances.. and then keeping it there… I found last year, that I would work out my finances on scrap paper  and then fill in the next budget page and then throwing away the scrap.. but then half way through the month think.. “hmm… where did I get that figure from?” So it is useful to be able to refer back to your original calculations.
  • The next page is your budget page.. In my previous planners I had filled in some of the things in the left hand column, but seeing how I don’t know what everyone’s expenses are I thought it would be best to leave them blank for you to fill in yourselves. There are two variants in the pack, one that has a ‘Vehicle’ section and one simply has an ‘other’ section, just because I know that there are some people like myself who don’t have a car.
  • Now for each month you will need to print (depending on how the days fall in that month etc…) 4 to 5 weekly planners (obviously if you are printing this planner in one go for the entire year just print 52 and then split them up accordingly)
    Here you can plan your week hour by hour from when to get up, when to eat  and when to phone your mum! Fairly straight forward I think!
  • Then finally to go just behind each individual week planner, is a meal and shopping planner… plan your key meals for the week to help you write your shopping list easier!Repeat these last 5 steps for each month and I can guarantee that you will be efficiently organised for the year.If you print out this entire planner in this way there will be approximately 143 pages
    If you only want one of the week planners ( the overview OR the Meal planner) thats 91 pages
    And if you decide to print everything minus the week planners there is 39 pages
    The week planners do bulk it up quite a bit I know, but it just depends on your personal needs.. if you don’t need to plan your life down to the hour then I envy you, but if you do then the planner is there for you to use!Feel free to have these printed at your local printers, library or supermarket… shop around for the cheapest price!
    Then bind however you like…. spiral bound, hard bound or hole punched and into a ring bound folder!I hope you all really like these planners, may they be useful to you and make your life a bit more organised!!Kayleigh x

Free Printable Planners – US Letter

Hello all! Happy new year!
Due to several requests and me being super nice 😉 I have decided to add the variant, or expansion pack for you all.
Me previous printables were in UK A4 size, if you still want that size the link is here: https://kayleighscraftycreations.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/free-printable-planners/
But I decided to resize them for my US viewers, to 8 1/2 x 11 inches or standard Letter Size.

This Planner Pack Contains:
Front Cover
Blank Page- (useful for making notes or calculations before you fill in some of the other planner sheets)
Budget Planner – ( For organsizing and managing your money, generally for the month)
Plan the Year – (To get a view of big events of the year)
Plan the Month – (To get a more focused view of the things happening each month)
Plan the Week – (To help you organise your busy week!)
Plan the Day – ( I wouldn’t expect anyone to print 365 of them or anything, but it is handy to have a few for those especially busy days)
Plan your Food – (By planning what meals you are having that week you can easily write your shopping list)

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Now feel free to Download, print and bind your new planners!!

Free Printable Planners


Please find the all new planner for 2015 here: https://kayleighscraftycreations.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/the-all-new-2015-planner-is-here-available-on-etsy/ 

I made these planners a few months ago to help me plan my money and stuff while at university, I saw some other free ones available which were quite plain and boring so I made mine quite colourful and kinda girly (sorry guys) I will attach them to this post, feel free to download and print them for your own personal use, I just hole punched mine and put them in a ring binder and they are really easy to use! It helped me plan and organise my money both monthly and weekly to keep me on track! Hope they can be of use to yourselves!!

The Pack Contains:
Cover Page
Overview of the year, to help plan birthdays, mile stones and other events you might want to save for or document.
Monthly Budget Planner ( No Vehicle), some rows to the left are blank for you to add any other outgoings you may have
Monthly Planner ( With a Vehicle)
Food shopping Organiser/ List

Plan the Day
Plan the Week
Plan the Month
Blank Page, to use for making notes or as a template for a different planning sheet you may need to use

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Update: Another slightly different monthly planner for Joanie… and anyone else of course!

To download all planner pages via PDF click here:
Download Monthly_Planner_Half_Page


DIY – Cute chest of drawers!

I really wish I had a before picture for you all, but I forgot to take one!! My mum bought me the chest in our local charity shop for £5!! When she brought them home it was covered in bright blue paint, with orange drawers and blue knobs! Pretty much looked like a jaffa-cake box!!
Very kindly my mum and dad sanded it down and gave it a white undercoat .
I then gave it a top coat again in white, theennn it gets fun…
For the drawers here I have used a small piece of wall paper I had “sampled”, from our local DIY store.
I cut it to the size of each drawer (they get progressively bigger) and then PVA glued it down using a sponge!
Once dry I then used a protective lacquer (varnish would also work) over the top to make it a little more water/scratch proof than the paper by itself! and I absolutely love it!! Then 6 new porcelain knobs later and its done! It was really simple to do, and would recommend it to anyone!!
Thanks for reading! Kayleigh x