How to make a fabric folder/book cover

Covered Planner and Book

Someone recently commented on the Pink Cover I had made for my planner and wanted to know how I did it. I made the Pink cover just over a year ago and used it for my 2014 planner and have reused it again this year for my new one, so this is a quick ‘how to’ showing you how I made it but you could use this for covering books/journals or ring binders like I originally did!

At the time I made my 2014 planner I really wanted a nice 4 ring folder, I prefer 4 rings as I feel it hold the paper in better and doesn’t make them swing about like a 2 ring sometimes does. However it seems all the lovely designs seemed to be on 2 ring folders so I found a plain black one that had 4 rings and decided to customise it by making a cover/sleeve/protector what ever you want to call it! When I originally made it I was kind of winging it, made a few mistakes etc… So this tutorial is for the second cover you see above and has eliminated the silly mistakes I made on the first one.

So lets go:

You will need

Fabric – a non-stretch fabric that isn’t too thin/fine. ( I have used IKEA fabric on both of these as I love the hard-wearing quality)
Scissors ( obviously )
Tape Measure
Sewing Machine
Thread/Cotton (any colour will do matching/contrasting/neon wherever your creative flare takes you!)

An Iron and Ironing board(for pressing seams.. it makes it 10 times easier when sewing!)

And of course a book or folder or whatever you want to make a cover for!

Tools I had bought this lovely new sketchbook, and although I love the yellow by the time I am done painting and doodling in it, it will probably look terribly dirty so I am making a dark cover for it so that it can keep its nice fresh yellowness while I work in it!


Step 1…. Lay out your fabric. You need to draw out the size of the folder and book you are making it for. There are no exact measurements really for this step, as it depends on the size of your book/file and it also depends on the width of the spine.

Step 1 Step One Step One


Step 2… Measure half of the front / back cover then add that to each side of the drawn out template…

Step 2

These extra bits will end up being the bits where the covers slip into and hold the cover onto the book/folder.

Step 3… Now we need to cut out the template leaving a 1cm gap around  3 of the sides of the template and a 2cm – 1 inch gap on the top edge (Click below image to see in detail…the reason for this will be obvious later so make sure you do it)

Step 3

Step 3


Step 4… Pressing…. Now we need to press the edges before we sew.. I can assure you that this makes sewing it up so much easier so try not to skip this step..

On the 3 1cm edges…fold the fabric up and press on the pre-drawn template line.

Get the Iron out!! Fold the seam over to the drawn line! Press down to create a bit of an edge and then iron it Nice and Ironed! Now you have a nice strong pressed edge



On the top edge that has a 2cm or 1 inch seam allowance fold the edge down to the drawn line… not on the line.

2cm seam allowance  fold in half... up to the line.. not on it...

Step 5… Once all 4 sides have been pressed, you need to get out your sewing machine, hook it all up and run a straight stitch around all 4 sides around a quarter – half a cm in from the edge of the fabric…

My lovely sewing machine Run the stitch all the way around


Step 6… Creating the pockets for the sleeves… put the book/folder in the middle of you fabric evenly spaced from the top and bottom of the fabric. The excess on the left and right will become the pockets, fold one side over and press firmly to make a bit of a crease. Then sew along the top and bottom to secure it in place

Fold the side over on top...

Then sew along the top and bottom, seen here in red



The reason we added an extra cm to the seam allowance in step 3 was to make the height of the fabric 1cm bigger than the folder/book for this stage. This gives us half a cm on the top and bottom to sew this step. On my first attempt of making the cover I didn’t leave an extra bit of seam allowance for this step and really struggled to get the cover on as it was super tight.

Fold Fabric over and press Sew along the top and bottom only Sew here Like so! Do both sides and you will have a pocket! It will fit in like so TADAAA


There we have it.. slot in your book/folder and away you go!!

Finished Cover Finished Cover Finished Cover Finished Cover


I hope that was relatively simple to understand and if you have any comments or questions please post below!!


The all new 2015 Planner is here!!! Available on Etsy!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so excited to announce that the 2015 planner is here and ready for the new year!!

I have just kept the pages for November and December of the old planner and I cannot wait to for the new year so I can start using the new and improved one!

I have just started my new job and so it has taken me slightly longer to get around to getting the planner up but hey ho!

The 2014 planner had been my best friend all year, but with some slight changes and improvements and a fresh new look the new planner is ready to go!! As always it is available in A4 and Letter size for those of you over the big blue! Once it has been printed double sided you can go ahead and bind however you want! I simply hole punched mine and popped in the folder (which I made a fabric cover for last year!)

The 2015 planner

The 2015 planner

I have decided to put this planner up for sale on etsy for a very small price! In return I hope I have given you all a very thorough planner including an in depth budget planner, spending tracker as well as dated monthly and weekly pages.

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You can find them on Etsy here:

As always I will also be releasing a free version of a planner, however this will be somewhat more plain/simple in it’s design, but should still meet your organising needs, this will be out closer to December/January time.

I hope you all enjoy the planner and enjoy being super organised for 2015!

Thoughts and Plans of a Recent Graduate & Preview of 2015 Planner

It has been 9 weeks today since I graduated from the University of Huddersfield, and yet that life seems so far away! It has been a completely different lifestyle change and every day it is changing still. Straight after graduating I went on holiday with my family for a week, which was a nice break, it was a bit like a detox of my old lifestyle before settling into a new one.

On returning from the Yorkshire sea-side, I had to settle into not being in education any more, and the daunting aspect of being a “NEET”, that’s Not in Education, Employment or Training. It felt like being in limbo, not knowing where, when or how to start the process of finding a job. The thing that I was least looking forward to was signing on for job seekers allowance, which is why I put it off for as long as I could. I tried for 6 weeks or so to find a job, applying daily as well as doing some voluntary work each week, to get me out of the house as well as something good to put on my CV. The voluntary work was also great to get use to the idea of working  and getting my head out of its education style thought process. Whilst at university I have always been organised especially with my money, it has always came as a second nature to me (Hence the planners I make available to you all); and so it was fantastic to be able to finish my final year without needing my overdraft or having to break into my personal savings. When I graduated I was comfortably in the Black, but as the weeks of job hunting went by I got closer and closer towards my overdraft. I think when I had around £12 left in my account was the point when I had to face the fact that I will have to go to the job centre.

Little did I know that in the next week my luck would change! The day after I joined the job centre I got 3 interviews! and then in the next two following weeks I got a further 3 more! Of these interviews I have been offered two jobs, one was part time, which at the time I was thrilled to receive; but then I was offered a full time position in a company with opportunities to grow in. I am so happy and excited about my new found employment, but on the surface I am quite reserved, I am trying to stay cool and collected about it all, but honestly I couldn’t be happier.

I personally feel that my university course did help me prepare for “the big world”, I think I was lucky to have been able to build my confidence at university, through verbal presentations and assessments, working with the public as well as gaining a self confidence since being more independent. I also think that the “Fake It Until You Make It” workshop, provided by the university significantly helped me during these interview processes to stay calm and confident, both things that my new employer said is one of the reasons she was hiring me.

Now my plans for the future are to start my new job and hopefully love it! But of course Work is to Live and I do not plan to Live to Work.
I have family that I want to spend time with.
Finally I can start the process of saving away money so that I can one day open my own textiles homewares store. This will always be my long term goal, but at least I know now that I can now get my first foot onto that path now .


You should all be pleased to hear that my planners will be back!! 2015 is just a few months away so I have been getting it all ready for you! There will be 2 versions this year. One free one, which will be put up on my blog here for you, it is simple in terms of decoration, but pretty enough in my opinion! And a second one which will be up for sale for a very small amount on my Etsy Store (links to follow) This one is more decorated and the version that I will be using. The content of the two will pretty much be the same, it is just up to you which version you are wanting to use. You can download, print to A5 or A4 (or your US equivalent) and get your household organised!
Here is a sneak preview of the front cover of the planner which will be for sale on etsy:

Planner Preview

So you can see there the bright colour scheme and pretty patterned front, just slightly different to last years. In my opinion both of the planners are improvements on last years. I have noticed areas of improvement and have made it easier to use and with more space for taking notes and a better Budget Planner! Hope you are all as excited as I am!!

Creative Cv’s… for something a little different

I thought that I would do a post on CV’s, Curriculum Vitaes, Resumes or what ever you call them where you are from.  We usually use CV’s to hand in to potential employers and it has all of our basic information on it… Name and personal details, Education, Work History and our skills and attributes that an employer might find attractive in a new employee.  Most people have a two page CV that usually looks a little something like this….
cv example

Image: Sayeds (2011) CV Example. Online. Retrieved:

Sometimes people change the font colours or add a border, but generally CV’s look like this. However there are people out there who need something a bit more creative, something a little less sterile and more “Jazzy”. Over the past 3 years I have changed my CV three times, each time making it better and more refined.
So I would like to share with yous the CV’s I have made and tips on what does and does not make a good Creative CV.

So here are the 3 of my Creative Cv’s that I have had in the past few years:

CV example 2

I think that my Cv has developed now into a professional yet creative alternative to typical versions.
You can see they all have similarities in style but I have changed some of the information and colours I have used.


I like the length/width I have generally used… The first two are half of an A3 piece of paper lengthways and the third the length of an A3 but a little bit wider than the other two.

The top section of the cv has a similar header style in blue with a silhouette of my hair for a bit of a personal touch.

On each Cv I have included a timeline of my education and work experience.


Colour scheme has gone from quite girly to more professional.

I only used “My interests” on the first cv

The Second Cv was more specific for a Textile related job whereas the other two are more general.


Tips and Advice for your own CV:

If you are a little nervous about changing from traditional versions of Cv’s try adding a little bit of creativity at a time… Maybe add some sort of shapes or headers in a restricted colour palette or try some different fonts.

Try using colours that are fresh, not too dark, and not too girly (this is for men and women) I learnt this the hard way.. The first CV you can see has pink red and purple on it and generally has a girly feel to it. But even if you are the girliest of the girls I wouldn’t advise using these colours, when applying for jobs you want to appear sensible and professional; but the girlish colours may make you seem naive and childish.
If you are not the best at picking colours try this website Design-Seeds:
They put some nice palettes together and you can search by theme  of pick a specific colour and they will show you all the palettes that contain that colour, which is really handy!


Stick to two max!! I like to use a fancy one for headers or titles and then a clearer one for the body of text.
Make sure that your fonts are always readable as if you are using a font that takes you a while to get use to reading then an employer is not going to be impressed.
The font I used on my newest CV where “The Only Exception”:
hello there
and Orator Std:
Which I think work quite nice together.
Using any more than two I think will make you CV look quite messy, so I stress again; only two!

Graphics/ Timelines/Diagrams:
Use in moderation, I have only used one or two on mine, I like to use a time line and have also used small diagrams to try and translate the different skills I have :

key skills skills

So use in moderation and only use them to help enhance your CV, using them to show off your skills/knowledge is the right way to use them, but don’t use them on your personality or traits, as no employer really wants to know if your 50% a team player, 30% enthusiastic and 20% punctual

I hope some of these tips might be able to help you in building a more exciting CV, Any questions? Just leave a comment below and i will get back to you!



Looking for insiration? Try some of these links:


2014 Planner – Organise my life – Free Printable Download

This is the planner for 2014 … to see the all new planner for 2015 please follow this link:

Hello all, I have been working on some new planners for you all…
The reason I have done these is because I get quite bored seeing the same planners I currently have up, and its a new year… so I have freshened them up a bit and made them more adaptable for you… … I know that having these printed can sometimes be costly, so I make these planners completely free for you to download!

Free Download
As you can see they have been tweaked from my previous ones, in colour and borders and I have created these ones just for 2014, rather than the ones that you filled in the year yourselves! It is entirely up to you which ones you want to use… but these are definitely my favourite!

There are two sizes available… Uk – A4 (210mm x 297mm) or US Letter (8.5″ x 11″)
Pick which is most suitable for your paper type… (if you are printing larger or smaller that these sizes the image quality may distort so on your head be it! ). The Planners are in two files just to reduce the file size for uploading/downloading.

UK Planners:


US Planners:


Well there are the downloads, you can print which ever pages you need or want but if you are wanting to print them all like I am going to do, then here is how I would recommend doing it …


  • Firstly I would have the cover page for reasons rather self explanatory!!
  • Then I would recommend having one or two blank pages and filling in any useful details such as phone numbers and account numbers for the gas, electric or water company.. or emergancy numbers etc… (I would never recommend putting any details that could get into the wrong hands… i.e. bank details)
  • Then put one overview of the year sheets…. here you can fill in close family birthdays, things you might need to save for like, holidays, car mot’s/taxing then you will be able to visualise better when you might want to start saving for particular things!


  • Then for each month of the year I would recommend following this layout above.. On the Month Preview you can make note of all the other details that aren’t on the year view such as appointments, extended family birthdays/anniversaries… You could also buy cheaply little coloured stickers or washi tape to colour coordinate other more regular tasks, for example, a blue sticker on a day when you want to exercise; a yellow sticker for days you are going to clean the house and a green sticker for Pay Day! Use it however you need to as long as you can understand it then that’s great!
  • Next I recommend having a blank page just for making notes and working out your finances.. and then keeping it there… I found last year, that I would work out my finances on scrap paper  and then fill in the next budget page and then throwing away the scrap.. but then half way through the month think.. “hmm… where did I get that figure from?” So it is useful to be able to refer back to your original calculations.
  • The next page is your budget page.. In my previous planners I had filled in some of the things in the left hand column, but seeing how I don’t know what everyone’s expenses are I thought it would be best to leave them blank for you to fill in yourselves. There are two variants in the pack, one that has a ‘Vehicle’ section and one simply has an ‘other’ section, just because I know that there are some people like myself who don’t have a car.
  • Now for each month you will need to print (depending on how the days fall in that month etc…) 4 to 5 weekly planners (obviously if you are printing this planner in one go for the entire year just print 52 and then split them up accordingly)
    Here you can plan your week hour by hour from when to get up, when to eat  and when to phone your mum! Fairly straight forward I think!
  • Then finally to go just behind each individual week planner, is a meal and shopping planner… plan your key meals for the week to help you write your shopping list easier!Repeat these last 5 steps for each month and I can guarantee that you will be efficiently organised for the year.If you print out this entire planner in this way there will be approximately 143 pages
    If you only want one of the week planners ( the overview OR the Meal planner) thats 91 pages
    And if you decide to print everything minus the week planners there is 39 pages
    The week planners do bulk it up quite a bit I know, but it just depends on your personal needs.. if you don’t need to plan your life down to the hour then I envy you, but if you do then the planner is there for you to use!Feel free to have these printed at your local printers, library or supermarket… shop around for the cheapest price!
    Then bind however you like…. spiral bound, hard bound or hole punched and into a ring bound folder!I hope you all really like these planners, may they be useful to you and make your life a bit more organised!!Kayleigh x

Free Printable Planners – US Letter

Hello all! Happy new year!
Due to several requests and me being super nice 😉 I have decided to add the variant, or expansion pack for you all.
Me previous printables were in UK A4 size, if you still want that size the link is here:
But I decided to resize them for my US viewers, to 8 1/2 x 11 inches or standard Letter Size.

This Planner Pack Contains:
Front Cover
Blank Page- (useful for making notes or calculations before you fill in some of the other planner sheets)
Budget Planner – ( For organsizing and managing your money, generally for the month)
Plan the Year – (To get a view of big events of the year)
Plan the Month – (To get a more focused view of the things happening each month)
Plan the Week – (To help you organise your busy week!)
Plan the Day – ( I wouldn’t expect anyone to print 365 of them or anything, but it is handy to have a few for those especially busy days)
Plan your Food – (By planning what meals you are having that week you can easily write your shopping list)

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Now feel free to Download, print and bind your new planners!!

Free Christmas Party Invitation Template!

Christmas_Party_Invitation The Coca-Cola Advert is now on TV which means… Christmas is coming!! Whether you like it or not!! Thankfully I like it.. I love Christmas… not for the presents… but for spending time with my family.. baking… cooking.. laughing and watching films together! There is nothing better! While I am in such a good mood…I decided to share with you all, another freebie!! Many of you may be hosting Christmas Parties and might be in need of an invitation template or maybe you want to invite family over to yours on Christmas day/Boxing day a bit more officially.
Me and my friends at university are having a little get together at my friends house before we break up for the holidays so I made this invitation for us…

I took aspects of the design from a few other invites that I quite like and put together this one!
I thought I would share a blank version with you all that is free to use!!
I just used a white-grey coloured font over the top to make it look like chalk and it works really well! It was made to be printed at A5 size…

I hope you enjoy the template and your Christmas Festivities!

Free For Personal Use - not to be sold

Free For Personal Use – not to be sold

Right Click to save image… alternatively download  Here.

Just another quick note… I still have items for sale on my etsy page for UK buyers:
Please have a look and support British Crafts People!!

Thanks for reading!! Kayleigh x