Uni Update: Alpine Adventure

I am happy to show you all my final collection as part of the 8 week project.. Alpine Adventure. I worked on this project for 3 weeks. I wrote a small statment for this one, I felt that it was important to explain that I was not trying to create this collection to have any hidden meanings or large conceptual ideas behind it, I created it for its purely for its aesthetics. It is quirky and a bit of fun, so here you go:


Light Hearted but thoroughly loved original textile designs.

my interest is to create quirky and innocent alternatives to textile design. Creating light hearted and fun designs for textile home wares.
I am inspired by everyday items and quirky themes, considering but never restricted by trends; I create what I enjoy and enjoy what I create. ”

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I have only featured a few of the designs here in the visualisations, the rest can be seen below
I created each character to have their own personality I even know their favourite foods and their zodiac sign! The character you can see are Jack the bear, Lola the deer, Nigel the fox and June the bird!

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This collection I have really enjoyed making, I designed loads of different characters from the ones you see here which is a shame I didn’t get to use them all! I think I started to see my signature style returning in these designs, I felt as though I had lost it in the past year or so, it was nice to see it returning!

I would love to know what you all think of these designs as I am at a point where I need to decide what to carry forward into my final major project. Do you think these designs are buy-able in today’s market? Are they too childish? or are they just your cup of tea? I would really appreciate any feedback given!
Thanks Kayleigh x

All images belong to © Kayleigh Marie Gregory 2013

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