Free Christmas Party Invitation Template!

Christmas_Party_Invitation The Coca-Cola Advert is now on TV which means… Christmas is coming!! Whether you like it or not!! Thankfully I like it.. I love Christmas… not for the presents… but for spending time with my family.. baking… cooking.. laughing and watching films together! There is nothing better! While I am in such a good mood…I decided to share with you all, another freebie!! Many of you may be hosting Christmas Parties and might be in need of an invitation template or maybe you want to invite family over to yours on Christmas day/Boxing day a bit more officially.
Me and my friends at university are having a little get together at my friends house before we break up for the holidays so I made this invitation for us…

I took aspects of the design from a few other invites that I quite like and put together this one!
I thought I would share a blank version with you all that is free to use!!
I just used a white-grey coloured font over the top to make it look like chalk and it works really well! It was made to be printed at A5 size…

I hope you enjoy the template and your Christmas Festivities!

Free For Personal Use - not to be sold

Free For Personal Use – not to be sold

Right Click to save image… alternatively download  Here.

Just another quick note… I still have items for sale on my etsy page for UK buyers:
Please have a look and support British Crafts People!!

Thanks for reading!! Kayleigh x

4 thoughts on “Free Christmas Party Invitation Template!

  1. Hi Kayleigh – I love your invitation! But I can’t figure out how to insert my party information onto it. Help, please?


    • Hi Shelley, sorry for the late reply. There is a couple ways of doing it depending on what software you have on your computer. The image is just an image there isn’t a way of inserting text to it. The most simple way of adding text to it is to first open a document on Microsoft word (or similar) and change the size of the page to A6 or A5. Copy the image onto the document and use text boxes to add text where you like and I whatever fonts you want 🙂

      Hope this helps!!

  2. Hi, I added the text boxes but can’t figure out how you got the background to match the flyer. My text boxes show up as white boxes. Could you give me a quick tip on that? I’m pulling my hair out! Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi there, in most programs you are able to choose the background and line colour of your test box, you want to change both to “no fill” colour or transparent. Hope this helps! Kayleigh

      Merry Christmas

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