What a lovely mum!

If any of you have read any of my previous posts you may have seen my mention my mum from time to time. My mum is the BEST, words can’t describe.. she is just awesome! To prove my point look what she got meeee…

Mollie Makes
Look at all those Mollie Makes Magazines!!! She bought me a load of back issues!! Yayyyyy On condition of course that she can read them after me!!
I am going back to university on Saturday/Sunday  and I really really don’t want to, for the main reason that I am going to miss my mum so much. I will also miss my Dad, Sister & Brother… but my mum is my rock… we are really close… the best part of my day is when she comes home from work and we have a cup of tea while we watch the “Crappy-Channel-Five-Movie” …sounds sad but its nice! If I was to tell you all of the lovely lovely things my mum has done for me we would be here for ever so here is just a MASSIVE thank you to my mummy! I love you!
998568_10151614223748208_908341805_n Note: My dad is pretty awesome too by the way, he is the typical embarrassing dad and I am 90% sure he is a secret hoarder… but he slipped me £20 today so I will let him off 😉

I am pretty lucky to have two really lovely parents who are very supportive of me doing crafts, potentially as a living and are so kind to fund that for me!! Love you mum! Love you Dad!
Kayleigh xx

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