Valentines Cards 2013!

So today I had a rather boring lecture at university, I don’t really know what it was about, but I did not waste those two hours, I started doodling on my page and before I knew it I had two pages full of ideas for valentine’s day cards!!

doodle 1 doodle 2my favourite was the Lion and the Banana, my friend Adriana loves the Goat and Callum loved the Grapes!
I got home this evening and rather than doing uni work, I got out my Wacom Bamboo Tablet, opened photoshop and began to create digital designs!


The way I do this on photoshop is fairly simple, I don’t try to be too fancy with it all. I chose a size canvas to start with and immediately add a new layer. I then try to accurately sketch out the image I am trying to create, in Grey or a colour, just using a paintbrush tool. Then I add another layer and change to Black and use the line tool, I zoom in to the image and use the line to trace the initial sketch creating solid neat lines, making sure there are no breaks in the lines and they all connect neatly. Then I delete the first layer that had the initial sketch on. So now I have a Background Layer and the neat image; I add another layer and place it between the two. Now here it gets complicated but not too much (hopefully) . It helps to rename your layers if you are new to photo shop. So we have Background (base layer) A layer in the middle which I will call Colour and the layer with the drawing on which I will call Drawing. Highlight the Drawing Layer, using the Magic Wand tool click on the center of your shape that you want to colour e.g 1 section on the Banana. If your line on the drawing is solid it will highlight that section and that section only, if it highlights the entire image or two sections, that means there is a break in your drawing line you need to zoom back in and connect the break. When your section is highlighted click on the Colour layer, the section you highlighted should still be highlighted then select a colour and fill that shape, then you can then deselect it (Ctrl + D) Click back onto the drawing layer then select a different section and colour that in. When all that colouring is done I select all layers then Flatten them. Fairly simple I think?

So i decided to go with the Banana, Grapes, Leaf and the Whale in the end..
I did have a go at the lion but I don’t think he is as cute as the others
He didn’t look right with the solid outline and I think he doesn’t have that simplicity that the others do.

VDAY LionI’m going to be printing these within the next week and going to get them up on my Etsy page if anyone is interested?? Keep an eye out!!

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