Easy Peasy.. Pancake Squeezy.. [Pancake Recipe]

Shrove Tuesday this year is 12th February… which is the day before Ash Wednesday (or the beginning of Lent). I must admit I’m not a very religious person and I hands down admit that I take advantage of this religious day to EAT PANCAKES! *cough* Sorry lost composure there. So I thought seeing how this joyous Tuesday is less than a month away that I would share with you my easy peasy pancake recipe.. so that you can check that off your list and now just spend the weeks decided what to have as your topping!

This recipe makes 4-5 medium-sized pancakes so about enough for about 1.5 persons or 1 rather greedy Kayleigh!
Adjust the ingredients to accommodate however many people you need to serve.

Plain Flour
1 egg
Vanilla flavouring

a good Non-Stick Frying pan ( if yours is all scratched it will be harder I guarantee)
Plastic Turner/Spatula thing
A ramekin dish (or a small tea-cup)
Mixing bowl/Jug
Balloon Whisk

Hey Ho Lets Go:

So you might be wondering why I specified a ramekin dish, this is because in my experience it is the perfect measuring tool. So fill your ramekin level to the top with plain flour, then turn into a mixing bowl, followed by 1 ramekin of milk, an egg and lastly a little bit of vanilla flavouring (a good alternative to sugar for those of you who usually put sugar in the mix too!) and then give it a whisk until smooth, usually less than a minute. (Remember to adjust the ingredients to your requirements)
This mixture will give you what I think is the best thickness of pancake, not too thin like a crepe but not thick like American-style, it’s a happy medium!

Now pop your frying pan on the hob until it heats up ( I use a gas hob, so it doesn’t take long at all, however if you are using electric you might want to pre-heat it or whatever) then turn down the heat from full to about 3/4. Pour in some of the mixture into your non-stick pan (this is why you need a non-stick pan as I don’t use butter or oil, the pan does all the work! If you do not have a decent enough pan i.e. its not non-stick or your non-stick is heavily scratched then you may want to add a bit of butter or oil, but this will tamper with the overall finish and quality of the pancakes) you can gently spread the mixture around a bit by turning the pan in a circular motion but this will make the pancake thinner of course. Carefully watch as the mixture cooks from the outside in, gently release a bit of the edge of the pancake with your spatula to 1) make sure it isn’t stuck to the pan and 2) ensure you aren’t over cooking it. You want to turn or flip your pancake over when the mixture is stable enough on top (if you flip when it is unstable half the mixture will just kind of go everywhere) and golden brown on the bottom, so flip and cook 10 -15 seconds  to quickly seal the second side, then serve.


A lot of people tend to think pancakes are really unhealthy, but it is usually the toppings people choose to put on them that makes them so sugary/fatty. So why not try to think of some healthier fruity toppings this year rather than smothering them in Nutella or sugar? I put Raspberry Jam and Banana on mine! What will be your toppings this year??

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