Whats Going on: @University – 16/01/2013

It’s a new year, and just last week I handed in another project.
This project I was looking at colour and colour mixing, I got a bit crazy with splashing inks and came up with a final design! I used a hand tufting tool to create this, it may look small but it took a really long time and was painful to make. 9 hours alone just to tuft the yarn section, I then spent nearly 4 hours taking down the organza sections.. I wanted to try something a bit different this time, I knew from the start I wouldn’t be making a very large rug and so I wasn’t really thinking about an end-user in mind.. so I thought that I would take this chance to play a little with it and make a bit more dimensional. I used about 20m of organza (28cm in width) and scrunched and ruched it into the shape of the rug and used a needle and thread to keep it in place. Although it may not be very practical. I think it’s rather pretty!

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