That Time Of Year….. again!

So as it stands it is 49 days 2 and a bit hours till….. CHRISTMAS!!
I do apologise to those who reeeallly don’t want to hear that, but for me christmas has already started as I try to create some stock to sell!!
As a Crafter I love making my christmas presents every year for friends and family, but this year I have decided to make other crafty things to sell on my etsy page (still in the process of making my shop)
I have loaadds of stuff to do.. on top of uni work but hopefully I can get it done.
where are some kind of decoration/bauble things I made with embroidery hoops…

I made a “Dear Santa, please please please, stop here” one too!

What I would really love to know is what sort of crafty christmas items would you like to see, it gives me a better idea of what you (my target audience) are looking for, it would be a great help!
So wreaths? Advent Calendars? Cards??
Please leave a comment below, all ideas are welcome!!

Thanks, Kayleigh x

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