Whats Going On: @University – 09 Oct 2012

So I am in my third week of uni now, and the project is beginning to get a move on. For this project I am mainly using line and pattern and playing around with texture a bit, and this is what I have been up to :

So these are some Rug samples I have made using the Hoffmann Handtuft-Technik. Rather than making one large rug which people usually expect to see I have been experimenting with different ideas, with yarn contrasts, blending and other techniques so here I have 15 – 15cmx15cm samples. From here I am going to try to manually insert some yarns or try different finishings e.g carving, dying/bleaching, washing etc..

In Weave :

So you can see here how I have been using images from my sketchbook and well… attempting to translate them into weaving. Always trying to make sure I document everything that needs to be there i.e. peg plans, weave structures, the yarns or yarn wraps, it’s all very tiring work.
So that is where I am up to… I now need to go and try to develop samples, put on a new warp and well.. all sorts!!

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