Celebration Cake – Strawberry and Chocolate

NOM NOM NOM! This is a cake I made for my sister today, for doing so well on her GCSE results and Enrolling for College!
It is really easy to make but looks really classy, so I’m just going to do a really quick tutorial for you all!

For the Sponge I just wanted to make something fuss free, nothing fancy, the decoration will be sickly enough so I just used this recipe for the cake:

So follow the steps for the sponge, then while it is cooking begin the steps for the topping.

What you will need for the topping/decoration:
* Jam (strawberry)
*2 punnets of strawberries
*3 packs of Cadbury fingers
*1 bar of White chocolate (100g)
*1 bar of Milk chocolate (100g)

* Wash the strawberries and slice off the leafy end.

* With a pan and glass bowl prepare a bain marie

* Melt the White Chocolate in the bain marie

* Begin to dip the ends of the strawberries into the chocolate then leave to one side to cool.

*Once the cake is done and you have filled it, spread the Jam all over the top and down the sides.

* Take the chocolate fingers and place them length ways all around the cake ( the jam should help them stick )

* Fill the centre of the cake with the strawberries.

* Make another bain marie for the Milk chocolate.

* Splash and drip the chocolate all over the top of the cake

* Pop in the fridge for the chocolate to harden.

Ta Daa….
( I recommend you use three packs of Cadbury Fingers, I only bought two and as you can see I kinda ran out 😛 )

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