Woo Hoo Bargains!!

I moved into my new house for the next year of uni the other week! And although I promised myself I wouldn’t… I keep on buying stuff to make my room look pretty!!! But this time I had valid reason… They were such bargains!!! On the weekend I went to Earlestown market, which has all your basic outdoor market kind of stuff, a woman selling outlet clothing, a man selling army gear and those guys that do house clearances and shout “Anything you see…. fifty-peeeeeee”. But there was a new stall this week, two ladies had all of these lamps and lampshades, rugs, throws, blankets, cushion covers the lot!! All the stuff that make houses more homely and coincidentally I am a sucker for!! I didn’t have much cash on me or I would have bought the lot! However I did get these two lovely items….

The lamp (which has fabric shade I just havent taken the plastic wrapping off yet) is about 40-50cm tall and I got for £3.50!!! Which for a brand new lamp I thought was pretty damn good!! And the cute little door mat in Red and White Polka dots was £2.00, oh I do love a bargain! I will probably be back next weekend and see if they are there again and I will definitely bring some more pennies with me!

Kayleigh x

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