Too good to keep secret…

I love baking! If you knew me at all you would already know this. one of the things I am best at making is my fairy cakes. Sometimes when I am feeling lazy I buy a mixture where you just add an egg, but they are nowhere near as tasty as when I make them from scratch!
This is actually my mum’s recipe that I just use so I can’t take all the credit, so thanks mum!

So this is a simple recipe for 12 of the best tasting fairy cakes (not muffins or cupcakes… Fairy cakes!)
Which you can add icing or decoration to but to be honest you probably wont need to they are that yummy

You Will Need:
110g Self Raising Flour
110g Caster Sugar
110g Stork Margarine
2 Medium Eggs
5  tbl spoons of Milk (75ml)
and some vanilla essence/flavouring

Step One:
Wash your hands (duh) and girlies tie back your hair!  Place your cake cases into a 12 cup muffin tin and preheat your oven to about 150 C on your oven.

Step Two:
In a mixing bowl mix all your dry(ish) ingredients together, that is the flour, sugar and margarine. You need to do this with your hands rubbing it all together until its like bread crumbs; this should only take 3-5 mins to do properly.

Step Three:
In a separate bowl whisk the eggs, milk and vanilla….. that was easy

Step Four:
If you forgot to preheat your oven at the beginning do so now!! Mix the wet ingredients in with the dry ingredients! You need to do this until the mixture is nice and smooth,  the smoother the better.

Step Five:
Put the mixture into the cases. To make sure they are all pretty even I put one table-spoon of the mixture into each case first and then go around again with a tea-spoon until they are all even. Most people then just go straight ahead and put it in the oven, but if you leave the mixture for about 5 mins it settles down in the cases and becomes nice and flat. This generally makes the cakes rise evenly with a nice small mound on top which makes it 10x easier to decorate (if you are doing so )

Step Six:
So when the mixture has leveled out pop them in the oven  (get ready for the famous saying)  “For 10-15 mins or until golden brown on top”   I always do the “Knife Check” on two cakes on opposite sides on the tin. With a clean knife insert through the top-middle of the cake to the bottom then back out again, if the knife is near clean then they are cooked if the mixture is all over it then its definitely not cooked, check again in 5 mins or so!!   Leave to cool  and voilà you have your fairy cakes!! NOM NOM NOM.
So have a go let me know how it goes, and if you don’t agree that these are super dooper tasty; then me and my mum will fight you!!

Kayleigh x

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